ApexSQL Version

ApexSQL Version 2013.01

Source control SQL Server databases.

Source control SQL Server databases.

ApexSQL Version is a SQL Server Management Studio add-in which allows you to version control SQL databases and objects directly from inside SSMS. It integrates with all major source control systems and provides you with all versioning benefits, without the need for an additional source control client.


- SQL Server Management Studio integration: Version control your database and object directly from inside SSMS

- SQL Server 2012 support: Version SQL Server 2012 databases and objects including FileTables, sequences, search property lists, columnstore indexes, poison message handling attribute for queues as well as geometry and geography auto grid tessellation scheme for spatial indexes

- Database to source control mapping: Quickly map databases to source control

- Object level versioning: Version control each object individually

- Seamless source control integration: Native support for Microsoft Visual SourceSafe, Subversion, Team Foundation Server and SourceGear Vault

- Source Control setup wizard: Quickly setup source control connections and manage mappings using a graphical wizard

- Simultaneous operations: Check in, check out, undo check out and get the latest version of multiple objects at the same time

- Visual editing: Edit versioned object’s schema, properties, permissions and extended properties visually. Preview changes and warnings

- Version difference viewer: Quickly isolate the differences between live objects and their different versions

- Selective change propagation: Update live objects, versioned scripts, or both with a single click

- Object change history: Preview, compare and apply a specific object revision

- Transparent decryption: Seamlessly work with encrypted objects

- Syntax error highlighting: Automatically identify and highlight any syntax error within the code

- Support for all MSSCCI version control systems: Version your code with all MSSCCI-compliant source control systems

ApexSQL Version


ApexSQL Version 2013.01

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